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Cenkova Pila

An authentic sawmill with timber storage built in the 19th century by the Prague entrepreneur Cenek Bubenicek on the junction of the Vydra and Kremelna Rivers, between the villages of Rejstejn and Srni.

More: Cenkova Pila originally a fully functioning sawmill named after the timber tradesman Cenek Bubenicek. He built the sawmill in the years 1863-70. In the old days, logs were tied together into rafts and drifted down the Otava River (timber rafting).

The place is also popular due to Bedrich Smetana's vacation visit to the sawmill owner in 1867. On the right bank of the Otava River visitors can still see the so-called Smetana Pine that was planted by the composer himself.

Today, there is a fully functional hydropower plant Cenkova Pila and a historical power plant Vydra from the years 1934-38 located in the village. Both power plants belong to Czech technical landmarks. In the Vydra power plant, visitors can enjoy the public exposition "Bohemian Forest Energy" that consists of the history of hydropower in the Bohemian Forest, a model of the power plant built on the Black Lake, the Vydra power plant model, and the Vchynice-Tetov drifting canal. In good weather conditions, there is an option to visit the Cenkova Pila Plant engine room.

The village of Cenkova Pila is a starting point to the Povydri learning trail, Otava canoe sailing, as well as numerous hiking, biking and skiing trails.


Cerne jezero (Black Lake)

The Black Lake is the largest (18,5 ha) and deepest (39,5 m = 130 ft) lake of the Bohemian Forest Mountain Range. It also has the lowest elevation (1008 m = 3307 ft. above sea level) of all Bohemian Forest lakes. It derives its name from the surrounding forests throwing their reflections on water surface.

This glacial lake is located in the Bohemian Forest National Park, about 4 km northwest of the Spicak Mountain. It was formed during the Quaternary glaciation, which was the time the Bohemian Forest was partially covered with ice. There is a daily inflow of 260 m^3 of water, the surface circumference equals 1800 m. Water from the lake flows out to the Uhlava River, and further to the North Sea. There is a 335 m high kettle moraine towering over the lake. In the past, the Black Lake was used for fish breeding. In the 1890's, American- and Alpine char were among the fish bred in the lake.





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